Seattle CascadiaNow! Projects

The Seattle Chapter of CascadiaNow! works to cultivate a positive and inclusive Cascadia social and cultural movement, raise awareness of Cascadia, and build healthier communities here in the Pacific Northwest.

As a 501(c)3 fiscal sponsorship organization, we provide services that every group needs, but very few have the resources for when they are first starting out. This includes raising awareness, graphic design, web design, fundraising and monetary support, accounting and administration, non-profit consulting, grant writing and research, as well as federal tax exemption. To learn more, fill out our Project Application.

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Join us! Any person can spearhead any idea or project, and as long as it does not violate our mission statement or nature of our organization can receive the benefits of sponsorship and support. 

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Cascadia Recipe Book - Quarterly Native Plant Resource Guide and Zine
Articles, news, updates and commentary on Cascadia as well as a community resource guide and zine for the Seattle area. Coordinated by Shelly Cascadia, Adam Munson and Michael Hodges.

We have access to a four color screen printer. Message us if you would like to use it. Aside from Seattle and CascadiaNow! shirts and hoodies, we also are using it for trainings, workshops on art and social justice, and for student groups printing needs.

CascadiaNow! Podcast Group
We are creating a team to help put together a weekly Cascadia Now! radio program. We will partner with local journalism students and work to collect local sponsors, including businesses, non-profits and community groups from around the region that help represent Cascadian values. Program material will include news and updates, a call in ask period, local Cascadia bands, as well as an interview with different organizers each week. 

Liquid Feedback and Democracy
Liquid Democracy is an open source political voting platform created by the German Pirate Party as a way to create a scalable and delegative democratic political party. We have the 2nd live instance in North America but a lot of work is still needed to create an attractive and easy user interface. Coordinated by Adam Garcia and Brandy Cascadia.

Outreach Committee
The Seattle CN outreach committee works to help make sure we research and reserve all of our fancy spots in parades, marches and festivals, so that we can help spread the word and raise some awareness!

Art, Community and Outreach
Screenprinting, wheatpasting, street theatre, parades, marches and building a thriving cultural and artistic Cascadian movement are key pillars for Seattle CascadiaNow! If you a graphic designer, artist, poet, or just someone who loves to be creative, join us as we paint this town Green, White, Blue and Tree.