Cascadia- First North American Team to Play in CONIFA


What is CONIFA, you ask? The Confederation of Independent Football Associations. A world cup event for unrecognized nations. These include nations such as: Tibet, Rohingya, Darfur, Kurdistan, Greenland, Monaco, and for the first time, Cascadia. 

Cascadia Association Football Federation (CAFF) has put together a team, amazing coaches, including a sasquatch mascot! You can still buy Cascadia team merch through their Facebook page. The Seattle chapter of CascadiaNow! sponsored one players round trip ticket to London, where the games will be held.

Games start this week! 

May 31st

Be sure to follow CONIFA's official youtube channel for game viewing. Or through CAFF's page!

The Cascadia Underground will be onsite with the team documenting the entire event, they'll provide recaps and photos of the games and opening ceremony.