Direct Action Against the Tacoma LNG Facility

This past Monday, April 2nd, a miniature longhouse was erected in front of the entryway to the Puget Sound Energy's (PSE) HQ, blocking the entryway for hours. the Tacoma Liquid Natural Gas facility being built  by PSE without proper permits, breaking treaty rights with the Puyallup Tribe. A coalition of local tribes and organizations have been fighting the construction of this facility since construction began. Liquid Natural gas locks the region into fossil fuel usage and is a threat to the safety and livablility of all life in/around the Salish Sea. Check out this website for more info on the facility and why so many oppose it.

Be sure to check out our live stream video, by SeaCN! coordinator Marty, of the event on our FB page Here.

How can YOU get involved?

Check out some photos of the action by SeaCN! member Kwan below!