Seattle Chapter to Host Event: Organizing Around Bioregionalism

To commemorate the one year anniversary of women’s march on Seattle, Seattle Womxn Marching Forward is organizing an all-day Act on Seattle event on Sunday, January 21.

“The idea is that last year we marched, this year we act,” says Erin Fox, a leading member of the Seattle chapter of CascadiaNow. “There will be dozens of trainings, talks, and workshops led by organizations and individuals who have been doing the work for a while. This will be a great time for those interested in getting plugged in to do so.”

The Seattle chapter of CascadiaNow will host an event titled, “Organizing Around Bioregionalism” to coincide with this day of action. Erin weighs in the importance of this event: “Womxn Act on Seattle is about connecting with local organizations in protecting our communities and environment. Bioregionalism is a new way of looking at community organizing which, at its core, is intersectional; elevating the livelihood of all living things within the confines of a watershed versus a specific cause.”

Organizing Around Bioregionalism will be held at Horizon Books in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. This event will start at 2:00 PM on Sunday, January 21. A full itinerary is as follows:

2:00 - Erin Fox (leading member), “Introduction to the Seattle Chapter - Learn More & Get Involved”

2:30 - Ryan Moothart (active member and local author), “Towards Cascadia - Book Reading/Signing plus Q&A”

3:30 - Marty Kenney (leading member), “Welcome to the Bioregion - Learn About the Watersheds and Mountain Ranges that Define the Bioregion”

4:15 - Brandon Letsinger (Founder & Fmr. Executive Director of CascadiaNow), “Principles for Movement Building - The Theory of Change Through Bioregionalism”

5:00 - Hook in & Get Involved!

“Hopefully we can get people plugged into local events, indigenous-led actions, and the Seattle chapter of CascadiaNow,” says Erin. “We want to spread the word about bioregionalism to some new folks.”

If you’re interested in learning more about bioregionalism, CascadiaNow, and the Seattle chapter, join us this Sunday afternoon.