August 3-6

Pe Ell, Washington

A sustainable future free from the fossil fuel empire is one of the many things we stand for as Cascadian’s. Fossil fuels run the American economy, our mobility, our jobs, infrastructure, perpetuates racial and class division, taints our water and air. There is nothing the fossil fuel industry doesn’t touch in our current political system. The industry ignores the warnings and protests of Indigenous land and water protectors, exploiting their land, leaving an open wound when they’re done. Not only does this industry perpetuate the colonialist mindset, it’s extremely dangerous to all life. There have been dozens of oil spills and coal train crashes within Cascadia alone. You can read more detailed info here:

Gather with like-minded people, passionate and experienced in direct action against the fossil fuel industry. Basecamp is a weekend we work together to share the skills we need to shut it down.

There will be workshops and presentations led by leaders from Portland Rising Tide, 350, Climate Disobedience center, NEFT, Geeks without bound, and many more!

Workshops have a direct action focus and include: communication without service, climate policy, climbing, first aid and safety, large art builds, campaign building, lessons from Standing Rock, scouting,

To create real change we need everyone, Basecamp provides learning opportunities and workshops for every activist and educational level. Campaigns are underway with opportunities to take your newly acquired skills into action after Basecamp.

●     No LNG plant in Tacoma

●     No coal trains

●     No oil terminal in Vancouver, WA

We encourage all Cascadian’s to stand up and fight for a just, sustainable future. Come join us at Basecamp! We’d like to gather an amazing Cascadian team where we can discuss these actions in a bioregional framework, get to know eachother, and act united moving forward in support of frontline communities. We will be taking the Cascadia bus over- you’re invited to hop on board, or join the caravan. This is a great opportunity to connect with like-minded Cascadian’s and to take more ownership and responsibility of our future.  

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